What we do

  • AirBusinessCard aims at disrupting the classical way of exchanging contacts and meeting people at conferences and events.
  • We think that paper based business cards are obsolete and we want to bring Business Cards into the technological future we live in.
  • A typical conference counts +100 participants, if a participant collects +50 business cards during a 3 days event it is time consuming thereafter to manually insert business cards data into a database and put a face to the name; furthermore physical business cards could be lost or damaged.
  • AirBusinessCard wants to automate and streamline the way people exchange contacts.
  • We have invented, designed and produced a wearable device that automatically exchanges business contacts when meeting a new person at an event or fair. Data is automatically and safely delivered to the participant email address and stored into our accompanying app.
  • When meeting a new person each participant receives an email with a picture and the contact info of the person just

Product & Cloud


  • AirBusinessCard is a wearable bracelet (hardware) linked to a specific participant’s profile (the device would be handed out at the registration desk with the event pass).
  • AirBusinessCard links the conference/fair registration form of a specific person to the unique plate number attached to the device, our software does the rest.

More Features

  • When meeting a new person AirBusinessCard detects a handshake between two devices and automatically sends all the contact info to the two people shaking hands.
  • The devices synchronize into our proprietary cloud system through the venue’s wi-fi.
  • Participants receive the business card information via email, alternatively they can download our app and store all the contacts there.

Check our
awesome dream team

Mauro Lafico

Mauro matured 10 years work experience at major Investment Banks and Asset Managers in London. Mauro gained two master degrees in Finance, one from University of London and one from University of Bologna.

Ishaan Gupta

Ishaan has many years of experience in financial, strategic and operational consultation to business leaders across industries. He developed a passion for entrepreneurship and set out to explore multiple entrepreneurial projects.

Marco Isabella

Marco has deep technical knowledge in networking and infrastructure management. Marco matured 15 years experience in Information Technology, operations management, system and network administration.

Massimiliano Perrone

Massimiliano is an Attorney. He is also a co-founder at LGLAW.

Strategic partner

Huulke was born in 2015 to solve the main problem that all the Startups face: the delay in execution. Indeed, more than 90% of the digital realities loose because they are not timely and not because the idea at the basis is of poor quality.